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Songs for Female Choir: 1 & 2 (23/07/2014)

Latvia has been portrayed by promoters of tourism as ''the Land that Sings'', and its strong choral traditions, in particular the massive song festivals that take place every five years, confirm that this is no vain journalistic hyperbole. Although music for mixed and male- voice choirs formed the backbone of Latvian choral repertory for many years, female choirs in Latvia have achieved great popularity at home and remarkable success abroad. Composers have responded to this increase in interest and have written some wonderful music for female choirs. Musica Baltica would like to share some of this repertory with the musical world by publishing these two books of songs for female choir. They cover a range of difficulty, including some pieces suitable for younger singers through to more challenging works for adult choirs.

We have tried to help non- Latvian- speaking singers by including English singing translations for most of the songs in Latvian, but hope that once the songs have become familiar, choir will try to sing the original Latvian words (using the pronunciation guide and notes), which will give a true Latvian flavour to their performance!

Each book costs 5 EUR



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