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Plakidis: You Wonder at my Song (10/04/2015)

''Pēteris Plakidis (1947) is one of the Latvian composers who from his very first works successfully solved contemporary music's complicated task: how to create lyrical works based on the intellectual poetry of the day. His compositions for voice and piano or other instruments do not seem to warrant the description of solo songs in the traditional meaning of the word; they could more accurately be described as ''musical poems'' and certainly deserve this title... Plakidis' lyrical vocal works undoubtedly achieve their goal- it is intellectual vocal music with great poetic appeal.''

-Arnolds Klotiņš, DA

The CD costs 11.50 EUR

Plakidis Tu par manu dziesmu brīnies
Plakidis Tu par manu dziesmu brīnies


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