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Menuets: Selected Songs (16/06/2016)


Since Menuets was founded almost half a century has passed. In this time many generations of Menuets listeners have grown up, and young people can still be seen at the group's concerts. This shows how Menuets has become one of the groups which isn't restricted by the words fashionable or old- fashioned. This group doesn't typically put on elaborate shows; the music is always the most important factor, because in Soviet times even the musicians' natural musical expression was often deliberately surpressed.

Musician R. Bartašēvičs in a radio interview said of the significance of the group that: "Now Menuets is a finished product. It is no longer a bookshop for buying new works, but a library where people can come to re-read good books."

Publisher Musica Baltica wishes to especially thank Menuets musicians Adrians Kukuvass and Juris Sējāns for their support in creating this collection.

The book costs 8 EUR


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