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Vocal Accompaniment and Piano Improvisation (07/05/2015)

This new workbook helps the reader to discover the world of improvised vocal accompaniment. Basics of music theory, chord symbol writing and important rhythmic and stylistic patterns from Pop to Latin and Blues are clearly structured, and methodically and diversely introduced. New content is practically written out and effectively consolidated. With the help of varied exercises and song examples the harmonisation of melodies and the consolidation of melody and accompaniment playing is trained. In this way step- by- step learning lets you accompany more freely and improvise more creatively.

 The book lends itself to self- learning as well as to group and private instruction. It is based on the piano player who wants to learn improvised accompaniment, and can at the same time be used in higher education as training for student teaching, and in music schools. Amateurs with background knowledge in piano playing and music theory as well as professionals with a classical background gain valuable inspiration.

 The exercises and accompaniment patterns are played on the attached CD, partly on the piano, partly with a band- with which a precise and clear impression of the particular style is given. The motivation band playbacks lend themselves to playing along and support the learning process.

The book costs 33,49 EUR



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