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Laudamus II (11/03/2016)

Laudamus II
Laudamus II

"Welcome, singer!

Over the course of many years a repertoire, recommended by the Riga Cathedral Choir School solo singing teachers, has been established to develop the pupil's voice and soul. In our school the development of a pupil’s intonation abilities while singing a cappella also plays a big role. Once a year each pupil sings an unaccompanied Latvian folk song in the school concert.

In this collection the pieces aren’t ordered by difficulty, as everything is determined by the abilities of the pupil. Attention must be paid to progress in vocal technique, phrasing, diction, pronunciation, performance, and an understanding of the musical style. Good contact and communication between the teacher and student is very important.

The songs included in this collection are optimal exercises for the middle register, which first train legato, then non legato passages. You will also find pieces for light children’s voices. The vocal parts of these pieces anticipate working on stabilising both short and deep breaths, as well as working on a vocally concentrated sound, precise intonation, musical phrasing and emotionally rich performance.

Have a look, pick something, and sing!"

Wishing you success and joy making music, the singing teachers of the Riga Cathedral Choir School:

Daina Libauere, Anita Šalha, Inga Grante and Kristīne Barkovska

The book costs 8.50 EUR



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