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Krūmiņš: How Can I Not Sing?! (16/04/2015)

''If you are holding this book in your hands, then you're in luck- it will bring you into a world of special music. The author of the songs collected in this book is the composer Modris Krūmiņš- a creative person with a rich, interesting and unique inner world. Modris is a professional musician, who writes soulful music about the important things in our lives- about our Mother, friendship, nature, seasonal traditions. He has a wonderful ability to bring both poetry and Latvian folk songs to life in all the colours of the rainbow. The composer's music inspired me to create original choreography for Latvian folk dances, as well as to collaborate on the musical dance shows ''Frīdis the Cricket and his Adventures'' and ''Lullaby for a Pearl.'' By singing the Modris Krūmiņš songs included in this collection, they will stay in your heart and will be with you at many different moments in your life. Sing and open your heart to music!''

-Iluta Mistre, choreographer

The book costs 22.40 EUR

Krūmiņš Kā es varu nedziedāt
Krūmiņš Kā es varu nedziedāt


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