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Arne: From Etudes to Ragtime (01/03/2016)

"There can never be too much new Latvian music. For this reason, this new collection of pieces for piano by composer and pianist Ilze Arne is a delight; it is suitable for a broad range of performers, from beginners at music school to adults who wish to learn the piano.

The pieces included in this collection vary greatly in both style and form. They are comfortable to perform and easy to memorize. Concise annotations on the fundamental elements of the notes and performance allow students to familiarize themselves with the nuances of performing a particular piece, thus consolidating what has been learnt in lessons. These notes are also necessary for adults who are learning the piano.

I will gladly use this collection when teaching, as children love Ilze Arne’s pieces because of their imagery."

 -Antra Vīksne
(pianist, Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music lecturer, head of piano teaching at Jāzeps Mediņš’ 1st Music School of Riga)

The book costs 4.90 EUR


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