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Andris Grīnbergs, Latvian Folksongs for Classical Guitar II (08/04/2014)

This collection is meant for beginner guitarists, especially those who are starting to learn the guitar in music schools. The outlined material is meant for learning with a teacher, who can give necessary direction in theory as well as playing technique. This collection is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Latvian guitarist Andris Kārkliņš.

One's first language is the mother tongue, and so one's first song should be a folk song. Latvian folk songs contain all the basic information necessary for mastering classical music. Furthermore, here can be found interesting melodic and rhythmic structures which are found all the time in current- day music. I hope that these vital melodies in the hands of a talented teacher will serve as a bridge which will lead the learner to the highest levels of guitar playing.

The guitar has always been a great instrument for accompanying, and this application often gives rise to confusion and many questions. For this reason I have included a whole section of accompaniments. This includes the song accompaniment with lyrics- in a key which is comfortable for singing. This can be used for playing music at home, with a family member singing or playing the melody. This supplement is more for day- to- day music- making needs. At the same time this supplement can be played by the teacher with the student, or by a guitar ensemble. It is hard to create something so beautiful and simple, and at the same time useful and functional.

The book costs 4.80 EUR

Grīnbergs Līgodama upe nesa
Grīnbergs Līgodama upe nesa


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