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The list of latest "Musica Baltica"publications in 2016 is now available (01/07/2016)

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before 702 days (20/07/2016 02:56)

[Mind the fresh Brad droppings }-iIsagnificent.]nMpired.GlorXous![I don't think I've seen the entire series before. Many were unfamiliar.]THANK YOU, Doug. (And THANK GOD for your gifts!)

before 702 days (20/07/2016 02:59)

A meaningless retort, Richard. So you don’t think Gideon Levy hopes that this movement broadens into one that is also against the occupation? You think he’s just cheering on a purely internal Israeli development, sorta like (using An8&ni#e217;s analogy), the North and South getting together on the issue of tariffs while ignoring the issue of slavery?

before 702 days (20/07/2016 03:14)

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before 702 days (20/07/2016 04:30)

Por cierto, Rusia nos ganó al basquet en casa por justicia divina: España les ganó a los rusos en volley esa misma tarde en su casa. Palmrelisao 100%, oiga

before 702 days (20/07/2016 04:53)

well looks like the multiplayer is just the 7 zones plus special stages. no tidal tempest, no other handheld stages, looks like the people who don’t like this version are going to have a field day with this news. I really like the graphics of the Big Arm, Biolizard, and Egg Em2#ror&e8p17;s fights.

before 702 days (20/07/2016 05:03)

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before 702 days (20/07/2016 19:42)

Stands back from the keyboard in amanzmeet! Thanks!

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I'm not wothry to be in the same forum. ROTFL

before 702 days (20/07/2016 19:45)

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everhwyere!

before 702 days (20/07/2016 19:46)

Inilletgence and simplicity - easy to understand how you think.

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Eeeee!! so excited Steps completed have been meaning to enter since day one of the contest!! Ca1#;82n7&t wait til Sunday!! Have reminded all my friends who have yet to enter that tonight is the night to do so!!!! Good Luck ladies, one of the best packages to win !

before 671 day (20/08/2016 07:33)

ad 30 octobre 200864 184J’aime la précision avec laquelle tu as su retranscrire la mini-séquence musicale aux « bouteilles sole&uéfsfnbsp;». Belles expressions du gars bourré ET appliqué, chouette mouvement. Totalement musical.Parfois, c’est magique, la bande dessinée.

before 671 day (20/08/2016 07:36)

I love globes, and maps too. My sons nursery was done in a globe travel theme. He is now 8 and we all still love it. Thanks for sharing Nancy Gold's work. She is amazing. I never know what to do with globes except have them just sit there. If I knew about her years ago I would have had one pelrinasozed for my son's birth. Hey, my friend just had a baby a week ago today, that would make an excellent gift! :)

before 671 day (20/08/2016 07:43)

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