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New Collection, Classical Music Arrangements for Chamber Ensembles, Released (30/03/2020)

Musica Baltica has released a new collection, Classical Music Arrangements for Chamber Ensembles (Part IV).

The collection contains wonderful classical music gems, from Baroque master Henry Purcell to Impressionist Claude Debussy. Arranged by Latvian musicians Aivars Asarītis, Juta Bērziņa-Zīle, Sandra Gaide, Madara Kalniņa, Linda Kūla and Marina Vidmonte, these popular, beloved melodies have been given new and varied hues. The arrangements are dominated by the sound of the flute, which weaves among clarinets, cellos, Latvian kokles and pianos. Several of the arrangements will add to flute quartet repertoire.

To purchase the collection, please order by email: The music will be delivered by OMNIVA.


chamber ensembles, flute, clarinet, cello, kokle, piano
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