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Jānis Mediņš. 24 Dainas for Piano (20/02/2020)

Jānis Mediņš’ (1890–1966) 24 Dainas for Piano is one of the most significant examples of Latvian piano music. The piano miniatures were composed between 1921 and 1963. The Dainas demonstrate Mediņš’ search for an individual style and reflect the twists and turns of the composer’s life (in 1944 Mediņš emigrated to Germany, before moving to Sweden in 1949).

Sheet music publications of the Dainas have always been spread out, published individually or in twos or threes. This edition contains all 24 of Jānis Mediņš’ Dainas. This edition also contains an exhaustive foreword by musicologist Dāvis Eņģelis and critical commentary on the dainas’ various printed editions and Mediņš’ own manuscripts.


Jānis Mediņš, piano music
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