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Bach- Schemelli, Sacred Songs and Arias (07/05/2014)

This collection contains 57 +1 (with a different text) from 69 total sacred songs and arias with and without figured bass, which were collected and, in 1736, published by Georg Christian Schemelli (~1680-1762). A large number of the song and aria melodies were composed by Schemelli himself, which in turn were either used/ revised (according to  his insights and musical vision), or partly re-written from scratch (melody, figured bass, or both) by Johann Sebastian Bach, thereby continuing the traditions started by  the Schemelli songs collection.

The books cost 8 EUR


before 1572 days (02/06/2014 10:08)

Un kāda cena ir krājumam?

before 1557 days (17/06/2014 18:06)

Just the type of inihsgt we need to fire up the debate.

before 1557 days (17/06/2014 21:42)

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