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Zilinskis, Arvids (1905 - 1993)

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Born 1905 in Sauka(Jekabpils) Pianist and composer, graduated from the Latvian Cons. in 1927 as a pianist and 1933 as a composer studying with Vitols. Taught as the People's Cons. in Riga from 1927-1937 and then at the Latvian State Conservatory. Works include The Golden Horse, Blow,Wind, Blow!, Spriditis(ballet) Chippolino (ballet)Piano Concerto,
Horn Concerto, Violin Concerto, musical comedies:In the Country of Blue Lakes, 6 Little Drummers,Guys from Aruber Beach, Mystery of Red Marble, 6 cantatas, pieces for violin, organ, piano, songs.
Composed the first Latvian musical comedies.

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