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Vitols, Jazeps (1863 - 1948)

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In Exile (TTBBBB)
A prayer by latvians in exile (SATB)
Goldsmith (TTBB)
Song of the Daugavas Fishermen (T solo, TTBB)
The Aspen's Soughing (TTBB)
Vīgners Male Voice Choir Hymn (TTTBBB)
Requiem (TTBB)
When We Were Young (TTBB)
Dies Irae (TTBB)
Rest in Peace, Brothers (TTBBB)
The Shades of the Dead in Battle (TTBB)
How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place! (TTTBB)
Greetings to Our Friends of Song (TTBBB)
My Joyful Nation (TTTBBB)
My Breaved Nation (TTBB)
Life (TTBB)
Winter Ballad (TTBB)
Dear Sun (TTBB)
Song of Peace (TTBB)
The Burning Brand (TTBB)
Blow, Winds! (TTBB)
God's Own Country (TTBBB)
Three Deaths (TTBBB)
Don't Complain! (TTBB)
A Song of Praise (STBBBB)
Prayer (TTBB)
Our Loving Hearts Sing (TTBBB)
The High Priest (TTBB)
Goodnight! (TTBB)
Drinking Song (TTBB)
Night (TTBB)
My Homeland (TTBB)
The Forest Lake (TTBB)
Latvia's Free Sons, Her Seamen (TTTBB)
Hark! How Powerfully it Thunders! (TTBB)
Staburadze (TTBB)
A Drinking Song for Winter (TTBBB)
The sunken city (TTTBB)
White winter night (SSAA)
Spring will come (SSAA)
In the Evening (SSAA)
My joyful nation (SSAA)
My bereaved nation (SSAA)
Dew and the Stars (SSAA)
God, our dear Father (SSA)
Star of Bethlehem (SSA)
In Memory of Zigfrīds Meierovics (SSATTBB)
Christmas song (SATBB)
At Christmas (SATB)
Child of the earth (SSAATBB)
Summer evening (SATB)
A hero's heart (SSAATTBB)
Evening (SATB)
In the evening (SSATTBB)
Forward! (SSAATBB)
You Who Dwell in Heavenly Glory (SATBB)
In memory of the author of the national anthem (SSATBB)
The Lord is risen (SSATTBB)
The Tiny Glow-Worm's Glory (SAATB)
Greetings! (SATB)
A sacred moment (SSAATTB)
The Sun\'s Revelry (SSAATTB)
In the east the sun arrives (SATBB)
Autumn (SATBB)
Morning song (SSAATBB)
In Riga I bought a grey horse (SAATBB)
By the Amber sea (SSAATTBB)
At the cradle of freedom (SSAATTBB)
The last farewell (SAATB)
Spring and autumn (SATTBB)
Over hills and dales (SATB)
United by God (SATBB)
Play the Kokle and Sing Praise! (SATBB)
Night miniature (SAATB)
Honouring the dead (SSATTBB)
Love Song (SSAATTBB)
Mother of the forest (SSATBB)
The moon lied (SATB)
Cloud-boats (SSAATTBB)
My plea (SATB)
Prayer (SSAATTB)
Latvian maiden (SATB)
To the University of Latvia (SAATBB)
Latvian Teacher's Hymn (SSAATTBB)
The flag (SSAATTBB)
The last rays of the sun are already fading (SATB)
Land of Dreams (SSAATTBB)
Wanderer's night song (SATB)
The power of song (SSATBB)
The power of song (SSATTB)
A song to our free Latvia (SSATBB)
To the poetess (SSAATTBB)
The haunted thicket (SSAATTBB)
Divine Radiance (SATB)
Prayer (SSAATBB)
The day is ending (SSAATB)
The day is dawning (SSAATTBB)
The Daugava (SSAATTBB)
David before Saul (SSAATTBB)
How quiet a night! (SATB)
Dusky nights (SAATBB)
Brother moon (SSAATTBB)
Orphan (SATB)
Up towards the clear blue sky (SATB)
Laudamus III ()
Prayer (SSAATTB)
Birch Tree on the Moor (SSAATTB)
A sacred moment (SSAATTB)
Sunbeams sparkling like crystals (SATB)
The king and the mushroom (SAATB)
Three Sacred Oak Trees (SAATBBB)
Arrangements of pieces by Latvian composers for Chamber Ensembles III ()
The Dwarves and the Old Man of the Forest (SSAATTBB)
The Sun's Revelry (SSAATTBB)
Over the Hills: for conductors ()
Over the Hills: for singers ()
Sermon on the Mount (SATB; solo B; 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 B, 2 bsn.; 3 F, 3 tpt. in B, timp.; perc. (ch. bells, chimes); hp.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
The Latvian Choral Singers' Songbook ()
Laudamus II ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs II ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs II ()
XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival: Conductor's Book ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music XI: Prayer ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs I ()
String Quartet in G Op. 27 (2 vln., Vla., Vc.)
The Great Celebration Concert of the 8th World Choir Games ()
The Angels' Songbook: Christmas Songs for Choir ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music VI: Blow, Wind, Blow (1873-1918) ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music III: Reach for the Sun (1940-1965) ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music II: Following the Stars (1918-1940) ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music I: Castle of Light (1873-1918) ()
Songs for Mixed Choir ()
Choral Music III ()
Choral Music II ()
Choral Music I ()
Selected Easy Choral Music ()
Latvian Country Serenade (3(III=picc).2.2(in A, muta inB).2-4.3.3-timp.perc(3):G.C./P-tti/Tamb/Tr-lo/C-lli/Verghe-strings)
Final Concert- Songs for Mixed Choir ()
Concert ''Riga 810'' Songs for Choirs ()
The King`s Daughter (SSAATB)
The Castle of Light (SATB)
The Haunted Thicket (Der Elfenwald) (SS soli, SSAATTBB)
Divine Radiance (SATB)
Birch Tree in Autumn (Birke im Herbst) (SSAATTB)
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