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Borisova, Vera (1988)

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Vera Borisova (ex Lavrentjeva) was born in Rezekne on July 15, 1988. Studied the Violin program (1996-2004) and Secondary school Music Theory program (2004-2008) at Rezekne Music Secondary School of Jānis Ivanovs. Studies continued at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVLAM) educational program General Education Music Teacher (2008-2012), also acquired the Professional Master's Degree in Music (2012-2014). She learned the art of composing from Sandra Mežore, Ilona Rupaine, Selga Mence, musical arrangement from Ilze Arne and Choral conducting from Arvīds Platpers.  

Since 2011 she has been working as a teacher of solfeggio and music literature at Pardaugava Music and Art School in Riga.

In the initial period of the creative work, the composer wrote mostly instrumental music, but later, when she was studying at JVLAM as a music teacher, singing in a choir and learning to conduct, the composer mostly wrote compositions for female and children's choirs. In 2007 she composed music for the performance “Actor’s daughter” for theater “Jorik” in Rezekne. The favorite genre is the folk song arrangement for choir. Vera Borisova has won numerous Latvian competitions for children's choir for Latvian folk songs. For example, in the contest “Kas mēs bijām, būsim, esam” (Who we were, we'll be), in 2014, the folk song arrangement Ar vilciņu Rīgā braucu (“I traveled to Riga by train”) and in 2016, Bumbur’ Jānis bumburēja  won the first prize in the oldest group.

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