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Kalnins, Imants (1941)

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Oratorio "Morning Act", V "On the Border" (SATB, symphony orchestra)
Laudamus III ()
The Oratorio "Morning Act", XVI The Gates Open! (Mez, B; SATB; picc., 2 fl., 3 ob., 3 B, 2 bsn., dbsn.; 4 F, 3 tpt., 3 tbn., tba.; timp., perc: sd., susp.cym.; pno.; 2 hp.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Arrangements of pieces by Latvian composers for Chamber Ensembles III ()
Music for the Animation Film "The Golden Sieve" (picc., 3 fl., ob. (ad lib.), 3 cl. in B, 2 a.sax., 2 t.sax., bar.sax., bsn. (ad lib.); 4 hn. in F, 2 tpt. in B, 2 corn. in B, 3 tbn., 2 euph., 2 tba.; Perc. I (tri., chimes (ad lib.), dr.), Perc. II (ch.bells, flex.), Perc. III (ad lib.) (vib., (ad lib.), bd. (ad lib.)); Bass Guita)
Over the Hills: for conductors ()
Over the Hills: for singers ()
Songs for Choir ()
My Hot New Song (SAATTBBB)
Menuets: Selected Songs ()
Laudamus II ()
Butterfly Voices ()
The People's Festival Songs for Group Singing ()
Cinderella (SSAATTBB)
At Your High White Window (SSAATB)
Songs for Mixed Choir II ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs II ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs II ()
XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival: Conductor's Book ()
The Daile Theatre Song Book 2005 ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music IV: A Testimony (1966-1990) ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs ()
Youth Choir Concert ()
Final Concert- Songs for Mixed Choir ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for singers ()
Concert ''Riga 810'' Songs for Choirs ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for conductors ()
Songs from the Theatre ()
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