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Arne, Ilze (1953)

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Blow, Blow, North Wind, on Christmas Night (SSAA)
Christmas Night (SA; p-no)
Christmas Dwarf (SA; p-no)
Just for Boys ()
Around the World in 80 Pages, Part I ()
Five Mice in Chaff (S)
Blacksmith forges in the Sky (SS)
Potatoes (for upper voices/solo; p-no)
Completely Absurd Song (SA)
Christmas Sleep (SA)
Shine, Oh Sun (SSAAT/B)
A White Piglet Swims the Sea (SA; p-no)
The Black River Daugava (SSATB; p-no)
The Black River Daugava (SSA; p-no)
Passacaglia (vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Songs for children (upper voices; p-n)
Viva la Musica (SSA; pno)
Autumn Tango (3 acc.; bass; a. sax.; p-no; vln. I, vln. II, vln. III (ad.lib.))
Canzonetta (4 acc.; p-no)
Meditation (2 vln.; p-no)
The Spirit of the Forest is Calling the Birds (SA)
Selected Songs for Upper Voice Choir ()
The Princess' Piano Album (pno.)
Laudamus II ()
From Etudes to Ragtime ()
Butterfly Voices ()
Four Etudes ()
Toccata Eleganza (vln. / vla.; pno.)
The Old Street Organ (pno.)
Quasi una Aria (a.sax.; pno./org.)
Songs for Female Choir 1 ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music XII: Journeys of the Soul (1940-2000) ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music X: The Sun's Golden Wreath (1991-2000) ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music V: Eternity (1991-2000) ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs ()
Songs About Latvia's Rivers ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs ()
Eight Choir Songs from Two to Five Voices ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for singers ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for conductors ()
Balsis II- Songs for School Vocal Ensembles ()
Winter. Christmas (SSA, SATB)
Tarantella (Fl., vln., pno.)
Midnight in the Castle (bsn., pno.)
Promenades in praesenti (pno.)
Pavasara rondo (vln., pno.)
Impressions of Latvian seasons (picc., fl.I, II, III, a.fl., b.fl.)
Cantemus (SSAA, pno.)
Cantemus (TTBB)
Cantemus (SSAA)
Cantemus (SSAATB)
Forgotten Waltz (vln., pno.)
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