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Dzenis, Ilmārs (1931)

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Ilmars Dzenis (born 5 December 1931 in Daugavpils) is exiled Latvian singer and songwriter.

Ilmars Dzenis was born in 1931 in Daugavpils teacher's family. Later the family moved to Jelgava, but during the war with his mother emigrated to Germany. After the war, he moved to the United States, first in Chicago, later stayed in Florida.

Dzenis started working life as a manual worker in the steel company, then finished the university, becoming a civil engineer.

1961 began to operate in the US Latvian band "Čikāgas piecīši", where he was the lead singer. 1972 Dzenis leaves "Čikāgas piecīši" and begins solo career, during which released 12 albums. Concerts in the US, Canada, Australia, but after the restoration of independence and Latvian.

In his creative work he used popular Latvian songs, as well as foreign authors songs with his own words.

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