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Rodrigo Fomins better known by the stage name Igo (born 29 June 1962, Liepaja, Latvia) is Latvian singer, poet and composer of rock and other music styles.
His mother is Irina Tīre, an artist and photographer, whilst his brother, Ivo Fomins, is also a singer.
Igo studied playing the violin, and is a singer and producer. One of the most popular singers in the 1980s, he was lead singer for Latvian bands Corpus, Livi and Remix and in the jazz quartet Liepājas kvartets.
In 1986, Igo won the Grand Prix during The Soviet Young Singers Competition known as "Jūrmala-86" with the song "Грибной дождь" and took part in the TV festival "Song of the Year" in Moscow with "Путь к свету" (composed by Raimonds Pauls and Ilya Reznik) as well he got a 2nd Place and The Audience Main Prize in The International Singer Festival "Man and sea" in Rostock.
In the beginning of the independence recovery stage of Latvia, in the year 1988 Igo performed the role of Lacplesis by the workbook of Māra Zālīte, in the rock opera "Lāčplēsis" by Zigmars Liepiņš.
In the 1990s, he started a solo career. He collaborated with composers like Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš and Zigmars Liepiņš. In 1997 he returned with a major role in an opera "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" (Latvian: "Parīzes Dievmātes katedrāle") by Zigmars Liepiņš.
Igo has made recordings together with such music bands as Līvi and Remix. In 1997 Igo issued an album "Savādā pasaule" ("Strange World") dedicated to the victims of Talsi tragedy, in which the nine children were killed when a fire truck basket broke during a summer public fire truck demonstration. He included songs by Jānis Lūsēns and lyrics by Normunds Belskis. In January 1998 Igo issued the best song selection "Tas ir Igo" ("That's Igo") in two CD's, but in 1999 the first solo album "Bet dzīvē viss ir savādāk..." ("Everythings Different in Life…") came out by Igo.
In May 2000 Igo suffered from a major car accident which resulted in a national campaign dubbed "Turies, Igo!" (meaning hold on, Igo) for his support and cover of his medical costs. Igo fought for his life and he was capable of good recovery.
In 2001 he issued the next album "Trīs dienas" ("Three Days"). In 2005 Igo issued an album called "Mirkļa liecinieks" ("A Witness of a Moment"). The album "Spēle" ("The Game"), which was issued in 2008 gathers up a 10 years song selection made in various recording studios, and has been supplemented with live concert and familiar song recordings in English. In 2009 Igo presented the album "Ieelpots" ("Breathed In") and a concert programme, which took place in castles and country seat of Latvia. In 2010 Igo made a recording to stories of Michail Zoščenko, and issued an album "Uguns" ("Fire"), where the lyrics have been written by Igo and music have been written by Jānis Strazds. In 2012 Igo issued a concert recording in DVD of the concert programme "Ieelpots" ("Breathed In"), as well the album "Esmu mājās" ("I'm Home"), which was dedicated to Kuldiga. The last album in 2012 is a Christmas song selection in various foreign languages "Pasaule Ziemassvētku krāsās" ("The World in Christmas Colors"). In 2013, as a sequel of the started four elements cycle "Fire. Earth. Water. Air.", Igo cooperating with the composer Valts Pūce made a concert programme "Zeme" ("Earth") and issued a CD.

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