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Kontauts, Andris (1974)

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Sun's Daughter Embroidering Shawls (S solo; SSAATTBB)
Fire (SA; perc., vib)
Bang Your Sticks, May the Sun Set (SSAATTBB)
Thunder's Horses Ran Towards the Sun (SSSAAA; perc.)
Latvian Composers for the Centenary of Latvia ()
Chase Me Through the Forest (SSAA)
Ave Maria (S; org.)
Summer Thunder (SSA; p-no)
Hold On, White Soul (soli (SA); p-no)
Blossoming Rose (SSAA; p-no)
Bushy Grew the Linden Tree (SA; p-no)
Receive Christmas (SAA; perc.; p-no)
The Fog Sheds Tears (voice and piano)
Wish (SSAA)
Lullaby for a Fair Boy (SA; p-no)
Holy Night (for upper voices/soloists and piano)
The Little Angel (for upper voices/soloists and piano)
Christmas Came to Bless (SA; p-no)
In Winter (SA; p-no)
Bell Playing (voice and piano)
Morning Prayer (SSAA)
The Sun's Daughter Embroiders Shawls (S, SSAA)
Sea Mother, Sea Mother, Control Your Servants (soli, SSSSAAAATTBB)
To Simply Be a Pane in a Church Window (soli, SSSAATTBB)
To Riga Castle (SAA)
Sparkly, Shiny is the Sun Daughter’s Crown (SSAATB)
The Sun’s Folk Song (SS soli, SSSSAAAA)
The Clock’s Rose Waltz (SSAAA)
Thunder Hit the Oak (SSSSAAAA; perc. (bd./timp., sl.bells))
Day of Prayer (SSSAAA)
Jānītis Lit a Fire (SSAATTBB)
A Different Kind of Light (SATB soli, SSSAAATTBB)
Over the Hills: for conductors ()
Over the Hills: for singers ()
Songs for Mixed Choir II ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs II ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs II ()
XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival: Conductor's Book ()
Songs for Female Choir 1 ()
Songs for Mixed Choir I ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs I ()
Balsis II- Songs for School Vocal Ensembles ()
New for Young People- Songs for Children's Choirs ()
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