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Būmanis, Aleksandrs (1881 - 1937)

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Born on 12 December 1881 in Jaunpiebalga. Studied at the Riga Nicholay grammar school, and then studied at the St. Petersburg University Faculty of Law, was "the St. Petersburg newspaper" journalist (1901-1905). After graduation in 1914 he started to work as a lawyer in St. Petersburg. During World War I was the Latvian Refugee Legal Adviser of the central. He worked as a journalist "new Petersburg newspaper" (1916) and "Baltics" (1916-1917).

Latvia in 1918, becoming an independent state, Būmanis returned home in 1920, became the Chairman of the Riga Regional Court, in addition to active journalism.

He died on 20 August 1937, buried in Forest Cemetery in Riga.

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