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Rihards Dubra, Music for Organ (07/04/2014)

The collection contains 6 pieces: ''The Longing of Eternal Hills,'' ''The Touch of Our Lady's Sight,'' ''The Litany of Forgiving Light,'' ''Meditation in the Light of the Mystic Rose,'' ''Ostinato, Fuga e quasi una Toccata'' and ''Toccata.''

The collection costs 9 EUR.

Dubra Skaņdarbi ērģelēm
Dubra Skaņdarbi ērģelēm

Rihards Dubra was born in 1964 in Riga. He studied music at Jurmala music school followed by Emīls Dārziņš college of Music in Riga. In 1989, he graduated from the Latvian State Conservatory, and in 1996 he earned his master's degree at the Latvian Academy of Music. During his studies, he began to teach harmony and composition at the Jūrmala School of Music. His other sphere of work is involved with the organ and liturgy. Rihards Dubra was the organist at the Riga Our Lady of Suffering Church, and in 1999 he became the cantor of the Riga St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Rihards Dubra is closely involved with sacred music. All of his works have a spiritual content. His composition style has been influenced by minimalist, Gregorian, and Renaissance music.

Rihards Dubra's music is often performed in international festivals and concerts. For his work Te Deum, performed at the XXIII General Latvian Song Festival sacred music concert he received the Latvian Great Music award in 2003.


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I just want to hear "Toccata" !!.. it's an amazing piece ! please publish it!

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