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Latvian Choral Music: Songs for mixed choir (06/10/2016)

The history of choral music in Latvia is not much more than 170 years old, yet is rooted in much older folk singing traditions. The earliest Latvian choral music, written in the mid‐19th century, consisted mostly of simple folksong arrangements for 4‐part mixed choir or male voice choir, by composers such as Jānis Cimze (1814‐1881), who also collected many folksongs, Kārlis Baumanis (1835‐1905), the author of what became the Latvian national anthem, Ernests Vīgners (1850‐1933) or Andrejs Jurjāns (1856‐1922). Later composers raised the standard of choral writing: masters of the genre, such as Jāzeps Vītols (1863‐1948), Emīls Dārziņš (1875‐1910), Emilis Melngailis (1874‐1954) or Alfrēds Kalniņš (1879‐1951) were responsible for the flowering of choral music in Latvia in the first half of the 20th century.
Over the years, new generations of composers have enriched  this already broad repertory, and Musica Baltica is proud to present some more recent compositions for mixed choir by Latvian composers – sacred and secular works, and folksong arrangements – in the hope that they will find a place in the hearts of choirs all over the world. To this end, we have tried to help non‐Latvian‐speaking singers by including English singing translations for most of the songs in Latvian, but hope that once the songs have become familiar, choirs will try to sing the original Latvian words (using the pronunciation guides and notes), which will give a true Latvian flavour to their performance!

Songs for mixed choir 1 saturs
Songs for mixed choir 1 saturs

Volume 1 features pieces by Ustinskovs, Karlsons, Vecumnieks, Pūce, Maskats, Mence, Sējāns, Ramiņš, Jēkabsone, Šķepasts, East and Lūsēns and costs 7 EUR.

Songs for mixed choir 2 saturs
Songs for mixed choir 2 saturs

Volume 2 contains pieces by Stivriņa, Jančevskis, Augustinas, Plakidis, Dzenītis, Maskats, Mence, Pūce, Sējāns and Ešenvalds and costs 7 EUR.


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