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Eolika: Selected Songs (12/02/2015)

One of the symbols of Latvian popular music is the group EOLIKA, which enjoyed its widest popularity and love from fans under the leadership of Boriss Rezņiks in the first half of the 80s, when the soloists were Olga Rajecka, Ilona Stepanova, Viktors Burakovs-Zemgals and Dainis Dobelnieks. However, the group has existed under the name EOLIKA in different formations since 1966. The distinctive name comes from Greek mythology, from the God of the Wind Aeolus. Aeolus played a flute which was said to have magic powers. This word in music theory is associated with one of the ancient tonalities- Aeolian mode. In the end, this word sounds good and is easy to pronounce in any language, therefore the founders and classmates Zigmunds Lorencs and Boriss Rezņiks chose the name EOLIKA in 1966. The founding basis of the group's sound from the start was polyphony, because the leader Boriss  Rezņiks is a professional choral conductor, and most of the group's successful vocal arrangements are his.

Eolika Dziesmu izlase
Eolika Dziesmu izlase

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