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Anima Solla: Selected Songs (02/11/2015)

Anima Solla
Anima Solla

Even the title of the vocal group Anima Solla embodies soulful warmth and sunlight- qualities that remain unchanged since the creation of the ensemble in 1998. Over time, many other qualities have joined, such as a uniform and bright sound, perfected and nuanced performanced and high professionality, allowing the six ladies of Anima Solla to climb to the top of the scene of Latvian ensembles from year to year. Although the members of the group tend to change, its conductor Mārīte Puriņa provides a certain stability, order and wisdom. Her proficiency and knowledge have led to awards in nearly twenty competitions in Latvia and throughout the world.

The focus of the repertoire of Anima Solla is placed more on contemporary music, and many Latvian composers have been responsive to this idea. The group has established sincere relationships and cooperation with new and world- recognised Latvian composers; however, one must admit that the voices of Anima Solla most naturally fit in with the sound landscapes of Rihards Dubra, whose works are represented in a larger number in this edition that reflects the repertoire included in the fifth album of the vocal group Anima Solla.

The book costs 10 EUR; a CD is also available


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